Re: Tenchu's RHD Impreza build thread

yeah that looks so fresh. a buddy of mine called me the other day asking for some subaru "jdm" parts and i told him to jump back on the forum and look you up josh.

josh, you have any good sites for exterior jdm parts i could shoot him over a link or 4 via text?
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grandfather was.
poop.hell sideways.brigade

Re: Tenchu's RHD Impreza build thread

Just drove the car for the first time today in over 3 years. Turns out the polarity was reversed on the cam and crank sensors which was causing my issues with drivability. Water pump is leaking so I have to addres that (stupid me for not replacing it when I did the timing belt). Also have to figure out why I have no instrument cluster functionality. After that it's all just buttoning up. Thinking about plasti dipping the car.

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