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The gathering of new parts...Parts are; OEM CTR's w/ City Lights, Buddy Club P1 f/r Camber Kit, F7 LCA's, ASR brace, and 22/23mm rear sway...dont remember the size for sure or brand as I got it in a
And for those Golfers out there...Just got part of my order from Callaway. New shoes, 2 dozen Big Bertha Diablo balls, Diablo Driver, Diablo 3/5/7 Fairway woods, Big Bertha Sand Wedge, and Odessey Putter. Just waiting on my set of Big Bertha 3-PW Irons to finish the new bag out. :)

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^^lol I thought I was the only golfer on here lol I have big bertha's and the Irons are sweet.. I work at a golf course..well actually I work in the kitchen at the golf course but I can get you a deal on golf equipment through the pro shop there lmk if you need anything.

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Thanks mang...I'll keep that in mind. I got the mad discount on this stuff...F-R-E-E. I only had to pay shipping. The company I used to work for put me on travel a lot and we would be in hotels for up 2-2.5months. My last job on the road had me in a sweet rewards program. "Sleep Your Way To A Better Game." Callaway, Crowne Plaza and American Express all hooked up and you got free golf gear with XX number of nights. Turned out that my 57 nights qualified me for all the rewards. Rather than sending me the actual reward as stated they sent a gift card...for each item. Turned out I had $1500 in gift to the Online Pro Shop I went! Filled up a new bag for $13 in shipping cost. The Irons should be here within a couple weeks. The only thing I didnt get was a new bag. Looking at the Callaway Camo bag that was a tribute to the Troops. Think its actually an '07 bag but still find them new...your shop have them?
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