Re: felt the need for a project on the EP

Just picked up a DC for a daily... almost to clean, I dont want to drive it this winter lol. anyway, now that I have wheels for the daily route, I can dig into the EP without having to put it back together for work the next day. Will be starting to remove the ABS, move the battery in the car, move the fuse box in the car, and clean up the bay anyway I can... I feel like the bay is the only thing holding it back from the whole package, time to change that.

Re: felt the need for a project on the EP

haha its hard to drive a "stock" car. thats how i feel about my wrx. i dont want to touch it. i put on a roof rack, a cheap ebay lip, and an STI 6 disc changer. but that dont count. its been almost 3 years now since i owned it. there is some things i wanna do but saving the cash.

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