NDFsean's EM1 restoration build

Hey guys,

Thought I'd give a quick update on my car.

Update 1: I haven't done shit to it in years.

Haha, just kidding. I sadly parted ways with my Volk NR-S, and picked up some sweet ass PDM Spun Supermesh to roll on until I find another set of Volk GR-N's - and it looks like that day has come. I have had a set (2) of GR-N's in silver for awhile. I met a buddy who's brother has 3 GR-N's in white - we've been in a stale mate as to who will give in sooner. I won and he is selling me his set.

My setup will be 15x7" +25 up front, and 15x7" +35 in the rear. ARP Extended studs all around. 205/50/15's all around

I'm removing the APR Canards in favor of ones from Top One - and am thinking about the Top One diffuser.

Picked up a nice slab of carbon weave that I will be mating to some sheet metal to make a sunroof block off - once that is done I can finally finishing painting my interior. Also working on removing the rear trunk shelf, where the speakers are housed. Would have to weld in a brace.

I just replaced both axles, and the intermediate shaft seal. Exciting I know.

The main update is that I am building another turbo kit. It will be a junkyard build for sure - T3 turbo, looking for 250 @ the wheels. I have all the pieces I need, save for a P28 and some sort of tuning piggyback. I am NOT dropping $500 on a S300 unit - this build has cost me less than $400 so far - for everything.

I'll get some pictures once I have something to take a picture of haha. I don't have a build thread anywhere, so I decided theJDM will be the place.

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