Betty: 2012

Finally got some garage time. New setup is finally going together.

Here's a pic of the test fit:

Turbo isn't clocked in the pic. Now to pull everything back out so the bay can get painted. Traction bar and misc parts ordered this week. When the chassis comes back the powdercoated and polished parts should be done. Wastegate tube is being rotated so I have more room.
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Re: Betty: 2012

I drive a Honda シビック クーペ

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Re: Betty: 2012

Harness routing is my next hurdle. Remove loom and run across valve cover or across the rear mount and along subframe is my dilemma.

Turbo blanket is a necessity as well. Brake fluid will boil without it. It's like an SR20 with a big turbo.

I have alot of cleaning to do on the block too. Dammit.

Re: Betty: 2012

K-tuned traction bar, rad hoses, shifter plate, and heater hose shit en route from the frozen north.

Scuffing the bay this week and masking off. Then into the trailer she goes.

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