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ap_red97ek wrote:God Damn Street Racers!!
hahaha. I'd like to see street races around here. I think the scene needs it. Too many hard parkers. Like that gray Beetle in Indiana. That dude knows what's up. It looks good and is no joke.

I just don't see the point of stripping the interior and doing a 10pt cage when a car will never be a race car. It's as bad as doing a big turbo setup on a show car. When/if I do a roll bar it'll be tucked tight to the body and roof, and probably covered in upholstered pads to match everything. Just safety'd enough to let me have fun at the track here and there. If I track my car too much it'll twist the body all up and gaps will suck. Basically I want to look good going wherever I'm going, and kick whatever's ass I come across during the ride. Another reason that you probably won't see race gas in Betty. I'll save the VP for the dirt bike.
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Re: Betty: 2012

munster wrote:Basically I want to look good going wherever I'm going...
Well then you should definitely run some blown out camber and streched tires...without a doubt!
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Re: Betty: 2012

Hahaha i would love to see that though! I envision shitty PA fireworks when I think about it. Lots of smoke and sparks from the lip of the rim grinding on the pavement hahaha

I feel cool sometimes when I break the tires loose in the subie...since its awd it makes me feel like a real badass :wantsome: lol

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