The new SF5 DD

Found a steal of a deal on a '99 Foz that I couldn't pass up. I doubt i'll be doing much, other then refreshing. Motor is getting pulled soon (waiting on parts from and hopefully it will be a quick job with no surprises, just planning on doing the basics (and common issues); head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, cam/crank seals, rear oil plate, tbelt assy/water pump, etc. Gonna pull the oil pan to check for any rod play clean everything up, and slap her back together.

Cars fully loaded with everything but keyless entry, everything works (including the oh-so-amazing ass heaters). I tinted the windows myself, replaced the bad wheel bearing, and I have to pick up a junk yard knuckle for the other side that has a bad ball joint (went to replace the bj only to find that the pinch bolt was broken flush, i'm too lazy to drill it out, so a junk knuckle is the cheapest/easiest way around the issue.

Pops just ordered some coilovers for his WRX wagon last week, and has agree'd to give me his stock suspension in exchange for installing them, free lowering! Only other plans for the car is a set of 17's for summer (its currently got some aftermarket 16" alloys with snow tires) and some upgraded tunes (gotta have good music when I drive).

Sold the Lexus for $900 over what I paid for the Foz, so I made out great, got a 9 year newer car, with 11x,xxx miles less, more options, much simpler to work on, cheaper parts, and of course, AWD.

Heres a quick shitty picture, i'll try to get a better one someday, just felt like posting an update for theJDM ;)


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Re: The new SF5 DD

boostjunkie95 wrote:A friend has one in silver, these cars are tanks!
Hahaha yeah! The Lex did alright in the snow with Blizzaks, but you could still tell the snow was there, and she still got sideways quite a bit... The Foz however, we just got ~5-6" on Friday, and I was hauling ass everywhere. Even had to go pick up a co-worker who drives an old Firebird (see: Knight Rider), it was fun rubbing it in to him, since he's always talking about "American Muscle"

Re: The new SF5 DD

Little update. Still have to pickup coil, wires, plugs, air/fuel filters, knock sensor, & pcv, but i'm getting them local. Already replaced rear pads and rotors, replaced front pass wheel bearing, cut front rotors, freed up the seized caliper slide pins, replaced their boots, and re-greased everything. Cars starting to feel a lot better, can't wait to pull the motor and get at it.


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