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Did anyone buy the Civic?
Negative ghost rider. Alot of tire kickers and people that want to trade absolute junk. Im working on a trade for a Ducati at the moment. If I dont have any luck by May it looks like Ol' Red will be going to Carlisle with some for sale signs on her. :\

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999 is a good bike. Buddy of mine had a 749 when I had my 1098 and the looks of that generation really grow on you.
Is it an S model, or monoposto or biposto? Any R parts or noteworthy mods?
I'd love to have another Ducati someday. The couple track days I did, one with my 1098 and another with a borrowed Honda 600RR courtesy of idreamidrive, both on the same track, really stuck me with a bug that I can't wait to go again. Being part of this old-man board, you all understand the responsibilities that come before I can do that again.

The sound of an opened-up Ducati, just awesome.
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Its an S model. He also said that he has a biposto tail section, passenger seat and pegs for it which is a big plus, the g/f loves to ride. The only part of the bike that im not crazy about are the headlights, imo it would look better with a dual horizontal setup like the 748/1098 etc. Other then a Termi exhaust its basically stock.
I've owned quite a few Japanese sport bikes and few Harley's over the years but nothing of Italian descent. I've been riding a Triumph Daytona the last few years, love the bike but its time for a change. For some time now I've wanted to try a Ducati or Aprilia but never took the plunge, this will be the year im going to take that plunge.
I understand the older Duc's require more maintenence then your average Japanese rocket. I have read about the rocker arms flaking as well as vaious other small headaches, being that you are a previous owner is there any advice you can give me or anything that I should be on the lookout for?
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I can't give you any buying advice as I've only owned one Ducati. I'm sure there are useful buyers guides out there, so I won't pretend to be an expert. What I can say from experience is the looks will grow on you the more you enjoy riding it. A basically stock S model with a Termi exhaust sounds like a good starting point. Good luck.
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