Re: The official stickers pics!

yessir thats j-puff aka Jay D. Marshmallow.'s official mascot!

what kind of picture @ your desk do you have?

all sticker funds are put back to the site to keep this place running!

stickers are 2.25" X 8.25"
$5 postage paid for one and $4 for each additional.

colors are:
silver [8]
takata green [6]
top secret gold [1]

i also have a limited oil slick vinyl sticker that was cut but prices are $1 extra. so $6 for one and $5 additional. the oil slick sticker shines different colors at different angles in the sun just like an oil spot would on the ground.

stock is running low and i plan on making a new order once i run lower on my oil slick. if you waiting for a specific color REQUEST IT and if i get enough people requesting i will make a new order.

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