Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

first off after i got home the car started acting up and all stupid.... so i went ahead and started a tune-up (sort of)... so i replaced:
distrbuter cap/rotor
spark plug wires
spark plugs
timing belt
all three normal belts
driver side window regulator
hood release line (mom broke it so we had to use pliers to open the hood...)
a/c blower fan and motor (mom melted the fan so i had no a/c what so ever...)
center console (thanks to ViceCityRiceEJ8 )
shift knob
stock mirrors with the JDM foldables
and after all that happened something snapped in the transmission so i had to get it replaced too.... so now i have another ( Y8 ) tranny but with good syncros (i now have second gear!!!) next on the to do list is rewire another kenwood in and some speakers ive needed to be replaced... get new harnesses for my whole left side headlight (turnsignal and headlight had corrosion and arent working properly)... figure out how to put those CTR-x pedals in cause im completely lost on how to do that and get to my next base so i can get the parts i shipped over for this thing lol.
time for some pictures too....
ill post up more when i can but im kinda out of pocket due to lack of internet and all so any comments are great and ill address any concerns the next time im on...
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the banner is one of the next things to go i want to replace it with a black one cause i really like how it helps with the sun... and with that 270mm wide mirror its a pain in the butt trying to use the visors...

thanks to all that BS i had to do, it will be at least another month before i will have the cash for that part Vice... if you still have it after that ill most definately buy it off you....

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