Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

lol well i installed the cat delete and it was moveable but it was fine... until i drove the car... it made the Spoon sound like a raspy fart can to me and it was obnoxiously loud. so i went and put back on what i had originally only to find out after driving it again that it now has a leak...

SO... when i get back home im going to have this test pipe converted into a High flow cat and ill be done with it. hell if i have the cash i might have it done before i leave.
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Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

installed my uber awesome antenna delete... then replaced my drivers seatbelt which feels much better btw. also tried to figure out if i could get the radio to work properly... only to find out nothing was working... SO... i took the car to a local Honda dealship and asked them if they could tell me what was wrong. took both stock radios and they tried it but nothing worked. after that disappointment the guy pointed me to the parts guy and told me to talk to him about it. long story short the keyless was for a 2001 and newer civic and not mine... BUT he was really cool and took me to another area that had extra keyless remotes and we looked for something that would work with my car. we found NOTHING. well, at least at first glance it was nothing. what we decided to do was take two of the remotes that we had no idea about i.e. one was without a sticker so we didnt know what it was for and the other was for a canadian one...

guess which one worked? the canadian one worked haha. on that note i f#ck1ng love it now when my car gets locked and the lights flash. my city lights and turn signals flash O_O its so baller.

now all i have to do is rewire my radio setup and install the oem behind the block-off and install my keyless handles. oh and i need to get another actuator for the passenger side or figure out why its not unlocking/locking.

good times!

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