Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

sorry for the late posts and all. online school is a pain.

got a shot of the OEM ITR header i bought. it has some damage mostlikely from someone hitting the bottom of the header at a high speed. the plan is to Thermo wrap and slap the OEM heat shields on to both help with the damage and hide it from on lookers. I got it for $260 when they usually go for $400+ so im not really concerned with the damage. I'm just an OEM whore who likes certain things to be OEM. Besides its not like im trying to build a super motor with 300+ hp, i just want around 200hp N/A.

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Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

So... my car has been acting crappy during acceleration for a while now. Not too long ago i was informed that one of my 15x7 TE37s had a bend in it. they balanced it anyways and i drove it like that for a while. i got tired of the shakeing and decided id rotate the tires to the rear. low and behold i have camber wear on those rear tires... yay.

while i was doing this whole thing i figured i would take a look at my V2 since i knew it was rubbing the transmission torque mount... just as i expected i had wonderful hole from where the mount rubbed into the aluminum intake arm... SO i took that little bend off and did some red neck fixing. i had a new ankle wrap sitting around so i figured why not. wrapped the whole intake bend, its a seperate piece from the filter and the other part of the intake. then took some silver duct tape and wrapped it a few times over that.

installed everything and wiped down the car then went and got food...

:dodgy: just as i expected the car felt smoother with that rim in the back and it was the cause of the vibration... also the cars motor seemed alittle more healthy probably since i fixed that.

So... now i need to save up some cash and im going back to a AEM CAI V1 instead of this ITR V2. I also need to find out how to get my TE37s unbent cause its one of the good rims that doesnt have alot of paint chips and abuse...

definately a WTF moment....

here is a before and after...



Its a good temp fix but thats about it.

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