Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

My Ex started to wrap my headers the other day. She got half way done before we ran out of wrap. It will hopefully get done at some point in time. I just need to buy more wrap.
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Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

I havent updated in a while and that is shame on me. The car has been down for the last few months because I spun a rod bearing like an idiot. I have already ordered a new short block from Hmotorsonline that I plan on swapping in. Depending on how bad the damage is I will consider fixing the old short block or just part it out. I would perfer just to fix it and sell it to get some of my money back from buying a newer block.

Also two of my lug studs have snapped off on one wheel so I need to get those replaced as well. It has not been great with everything breaking but she will be back better then before if I have anything to do with it!

Still have not bought more wrap for the header to finish it and the Ex has moved away so she can't finish it so I will take care of it then.

Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

did some work today. Finished wrapping the header, just waiting for it to dry so i can spray it with the sealer. My Mishimoto radiator had a leak so I talked to Mishimoto and ended up with a warrenty replacement sent to my house for a mear $25 shipped. Also bought some ARP head studs for the new block. The car is currently at the shop having its heart ripped out and messed with. Luckly for me I get to swing by while I am at work because I deliver parts to the shop lol. I also replaced the lug studs and the wheel bearing on that side of the car. Also got the 96-00 honda civic service manual books 1 & 2 just because i hate Chilton and Haynes with their crappy explainations.

There are a few things I need to take care of soon. I need new tires, an alignment, new tie rods, new rotors and pads (she sat unmoved for too long and they are in need of replacement.), and I'm sure more will be taken care of as things happen.

after this thing is fixed though I am going balls to the walls to get the 84 hatch up and running.

Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

I havent updated in a while so here it is. The car is running because I was the one who had to do the work. The mechanic had 8 cars he was trying to work on including mine but for some reason didnt have the workers he had anymore. They quit or some BS so he gave me a key and i worked on it until late at night for 2 days and got it running. The problem i am having now is the head has a tick in it and i goofed and installed the timing belt guide backwards. Thus the timing belt is being ate up by the guide. The car is parked again until I can take care of that issue and since i will be having the belt off i want to take off the cams again and check the head studs to see if they are still tight. I have a small oil leak coming from the head gasket but the oil is not in the radiator fluid or being burned off. I had used copper seal on the gasket to help seal it but it is possible that the head is warped and i goofed and installed it like that without checking.

first thing I need though is a good torque wrench then i can start the exploration again. If the head studs are not tight im gonna tighten them down and see what happens. if they are tight i am going to remove the head and get it milled and replace the head gasket. Other than those few minor issues the car was running like a beast with the new header on. It pulled really nice mid range and screamed after vtec hits. unfortunately there is a 2k gap where the increase in power kind of drops a little then picks back up after vtec. I am thinking that is due to the V2 and the ITR header combo. A low to mid range intake with a high end header seems like an ok mix but I would rather have a normal CAI instead to match up with the ITR. I am just not sure if i want to bother with the bypass valve this time. the last CAI i had kept breaking the damn thing and I would lose power and not know it until i replaced it.

Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

oh snap i havent updated what has happened to this thing in a LONG time. not long after that the motor blew up. it rained and for the first time ever I water locked the engine. I got as much of the water out as i could but no matter what i did it seemed as though it wasnt going to work. dumped sea foam and marvel mystery oil in and let it idle and that helped clean out the water. week later the piston stuck to the valve and the rod kept going. after that the car yet again stayed still and i havent touched it since. traded my MR5s for a ruck and was messing with that for a while as i had plans to try and sell it to get me something closer to what i need for a new motor. I finally sold it for $2100 a week ago and im now just a few bills short of another B16b long block. i feel like im foaming at the mouth for my car back as i have not been able to keep it running since i got my job almost 3 years ago. Now that the motor is a sure thing i can focus on the stuff i have been neglecting when i should have been taking care of. i feel as though its been too long since the last up date and thats a shame on me. i will keep you guys updated as things happen this time around.

Re: After all this time.... Zero's build BEGINS!!!!

ive been here off and on but did not realize i never updated the site on whats been happening. motor has been ordered and will arrive around the 27th. i WILL have my car running within a day after i get it as long as i can get a cherry picker. that shouldnt be too hard since i have 3 buddys willing to lead one to me lol. nothing new other than a throwout bearing will be installed at the same time. I thought it was my clutch/preasure plate that was giving me trouble and very little pedal resistance but after the small block was replaced with a new clutch and plate it still had the same resistance. SO i bought a new throwout bearing a while back which will be installed this time around.

new mods on my list are Function 7 rear LCAs (cause i think one of my LCAs is bent), the Spoon Sports subframe collar kit, new rank and pinion (mine has about an inch of play before the wheels start moving) and thats about it. i want to clean the paint of the pollen that has been eating my fucking clear coat for the last two years and plastidip the car red until i can afford an actual paint job. i also need to take some sand paper and clean up the front headlights. The Type Rs are all faded and i feel disappointed in it. also need to find out why only the right side speakers are the only ones that making sound.

so i shall update these things as they come as often as i can.

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