Current Mods:

SpoolinUp non-CDI coil-on-plug ignition
NGK BR7EIX Iridium spark plugs
DC Sports heatwrapped downpipe/testpipe (all one pipe)
HKS 30th Anniversary cat back exhaust
HKS 272 duration intake and exhaust camshafts
APS blow off valve
APS cold air intake (pre-MAF)
Perrin intake tube (MAF to turbo)
APS intercooler sprayer reservoir
Pierburg/Prodrive 3-port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Tirado Custom Coatings ceramic coated SS tubular O2 housing
Buschur Racing "RACE" intercooler (3.8" Garret core)
Buschur Racing lower intercooler pipe
CBRD ported BBK Full turbo (51lb/min)
Buschur Racing ported & Tirado CC ceramic coated exhaust manifold
Dejon Tool upper intercooler pipe
Samco intercooler pipe couplers
Saikou Michi oil catch can
Samco radiator hoses
high pressure throttle body seals
dyno tuned by CBRD

HKS Type-0 turbo timer
Defi BFR Imperial boost, EGT, and oil pressure gauges
Defi control unit II
Craig Hardy/Gruppe-S center console/gauge pod
Mitsubishi stereo relocation kit
ARC Ti shift knob

JDM MR EVO VIII head lights
JDM MR EVO VIII tail lights
Philips Ultinon 6000K HID low beams
UKDM trunk badge (identical to JDM but says VIII instead of VII)
Perrin Shorty antenna
JDM EVO IX rear bumper cover w/ custom crash bar and modified HKS cat back exhaust
Rexspeed 1x1 weave carbon fiber side spats (HKS Kansai replica)
JDP Engineering 1x1 weave carbon fiber front lip (Do-Luck replica)
Carbign Craft 1x1 weave carbon fiber radiator cooling plate
Gloss black powdercoated uicp and exhaust mani heat shield
shaved rear fenders
ARC Ti gradient coil pack cover
ARC Ti exhaust manifold heat shield

H&R coilovers
Whiteline roll center kit
SP Performance slotted rotors front and rear
Hawk HPS pads
Goodridge SS brake lines
Motul RBF600 fluid
Advan Racing RGII size 18x9, +29 offset
BFGoodrich KDW2 tires size 255/35ZR18
Current dyno numbers are 330whp/333wtq on a Dynomite dyno with major boost leaks (spring '07). Then 327whp/306wtq on Mustang dyno (fall '08). Update 3-28-11: Mustang dyno 389whp and 345 lb-ft.
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awesome. congrats on the numbers. :up: She's gotta be fun to drive now.
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Thanks guys. I would say the biggest difference is how the car pulls all the way to redline now rather than pulling hard and then letting up around 5500 RPM. I think I am going to do some cosmetic stuff now and leave the engine alone as it is only going to get expensive now with things such as turbo kits and what not. And I want to save for a house and probably a ring (yeah, I know...). I do have big plans for the car and after I pay it off this summer plan to start collecting parts over the winter so next spring/early summer I can just throw on all kinds of goodies. Some of the JDM parts I plan to buy come from Mitsu, Do-Luck, Advan, Tein, and Kansai Service. So rest assured it will have balls and be JDM style clean.

Anyone want to buy some used JDM EVO VII tail lights? :)

pulling the lamps off?
nice numbers mike. it has been awhile since i seen this car.
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grandfather was.
poop.hell sideways.brigade

boostjunkie95 wrote:Nice numbers for sure, AMS looks like a top notch place. Will it be making an appearence at the Flashlight Drags this summer?

I hope so. I am still on the stock clutch and from what I have read and seen with my own eyes, they tend to go bye-bye quick when you start drag racing. But as of now I plan to at least hit Ebensburg this year.

And John, I am going to eventually sell my VII tails for some JDM MR VIII black/amber tails to match my JDM MR VIII black/amber heads. I think they will look better with the JDM rear bumper cover, carbon front lip, carbon side spats, and dark gun metal Advan RS rims. Gonna do a light tint job too. This of course is just a dream for now but by next year at this time might be a reality.

I will say I am done with the car for 2007 as I spent way more than I wanted to this year already. I still owe like 4400 on the thing so I want to pay it off before getting any more toys ya know? Trying to be responsible. I'll list my mods on here too when I get a sec.

Boost leaks all seem to be fixed and plan to hit the same dyno (AMS DC) on Sept 22nd, 2007 to see if I can better the 330whp/333wtq numbers. We shall see....

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