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So I had some misfire issues. This was typical when I dropped NGK BPR7ES coppers right in out of the box without gapping to 0.026". They are usually around 0.028-0.030" out of the box. Had my new NGK iridiums to 0.022" and still misfiring with this much air flow and boost! Went all the way down to 0.019" and is all good now. But now it just doesnt feel as smooth as a DD should. Especially in 5th gear highway cruising. So next mod is to ditch my stock dual coil pack ignition for a 4 coil pack kit from Spoolinup. One pack per coil per plug instead of 2 plugs per one pack and coil. Double the ignition! Gotta save up for it...$430 ain't killer but ain't pocket change. Fits under my ARC cover too which is nice. :D
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.saint wrote::thumbup: 430 is pocket change to you. :P
ha! I wish. Why do you think it took me nearly 7 years to finally ditch my stock turbo? And on top of that the wife is quitting her job to stay home with our daughter when she is born in late June or July. May have to sell my Jeep. :( I'm gonna post up in the Carlisle thread now...

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Pretty good John. We need to meet up next time I am in Jtown. I meant to hit everyone up over Christmas and was able to do that with some people but really only went out late one night. With 2 sides to the family now it is hard to find time when in town to screw off. But this summer I should have more vacation time so I can take long weekends and hang out with everyone.

I did just sell the ARC cover today. So now my engine will look like this (below) and I will have an extra $250 back in my pocket to put toward the Kelfords, S2 beehives, ported IM and TB, and a 60k mile service. Plus now I am not hiding my sweet SpoolinUp ignition upgrade. Every little bit helps when the wife doesn't work. ha!

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