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cars most current state [2.18.10]:[/b]
[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v700/ ... G_0118.jpg[/img]

this is going to be the new home of my omgwtfbbq build up thread. ill put up a list of parts i have on the way and the status of them all as well. also once everyhing is accounted for ill be posting pics and shit of the build.

the tires i was going to pick up have been discontinued ;( so now i must find something else.

arp extended wheel studs for the front hubs CHECK!
arp og length wheel studs for the rear hubs CHECK!
ITR 36mm jdm axles CHECK!
kics neo chrome luggies CHECK!
endless front brake lines backorder
endless rear brake lines backorder
obd1 gsr ecu CHECK!
oem civic si shift linkage in transit
energy suspension shifter bushings in transit
oem civic si ebrake cables CHECK!
bomex rear wing backorder
205/45/16 yokohama es100 CHECK!
oem gsr ignition coil CHECK!
oem gsr distro cap CHECK!
HAMP oil filters CHECK!
new front rotors CHECK!
new rear rotors CHECK!
new front pads CHECK!
new rear pads CHECK!

probly missing crap but its late and im tired.
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well i think i might go with some kumho tires the spt's but thats kindof a bummer to mount to some advans if ya ask me ;\ but i was told they are good tires.

also was looking at yoko es100's anyone have any input on tires?

Never ran es100's. I loved my A520s, though.

I'm getting antsy to tear into Goldy.
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duanne's rocking es100's i believe. His car hasn't moved since he put them on though ... ask him later on in the week. He probably won't have any input tho... since they're in the rear only and his car seems to only go in a straight line.
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