Re: *jb's build thread & blog: omgwtfbbq.

well my OEM cover on this thing has taken a turn for the worse. its been 3 years its been on the car and it finally started to just get demolished.

im looking at a california car cover, better for exterior storage. i would also like to note after pulling the cover off i really really really started to miss this car. i actually washed goldy today and it put me in such a better mood.

im actually going to shy away from the VW i think and finish ordering the parts to get this car back on the road. :thumbup:
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
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*jb's build thread & blog: omgwtfbbq.

Pretty much. I deff want to go back to red. I keep seeing red hatch's and I miss the red.

I'm in the air about the 96-98 sir conversion still, but I'm not worried about that now.

As for the motor, k20a is what I want. Been wanting that motor forever. I could go a little cheaper rsx-s motor and people say the k24a is a great all motor engine but I'm stupid and addicted to the k20a. Unless people start to rattle off some really good prices at me.

Bay will be tucked and a few holes will be cleaned up. I don't think I'm going full shave... Who knows, less filler the less prone to cracking.

I want a fun weekend card that I can take to the shows and meets. I'm not a drag strip fan at all. I like taking hard corners and fun spirited drives.

Re: *jb's build thread & blog: omgwtfbbq.

i been pricing parts. i miss this car far 2 much to let it sit any longer.

once works picks back up for the spring/summer expect some massive updates. GOLDY will be making a triumphant return. If i can bring my vision to life a new nickname will be needed.
But first on the list... Hybrid Racing K Series Mounts.

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