Re: *jb's build thread & blog: omgwtfbbq.

Like I said via text today...if you have any questions call/text me. It's not bad at all once you get into it. A lot of people buy a lot of unnecessary shit just to say they bought whoever's parts. It's really not hard to drill a hole and tap it vs spending $150 on some adapter.
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Re: *jb's build thread & blog: omgwtfbbq.

its almost 2015 haha this car has been sitting for close to 6 years now.

while building the haunted house this year at my dads i was able to sit back and cry over this guy sitting in the yard. I imagine over the years its well rotten out but i made a pact to get this/a car back on the road again. i do plan on getting an EK hatch back on the road again. with a K20.

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