Re: So ya..

Got some dumb shit for my GS over x-mas.



LED Tails, some hps brake pads, and some dumb HKS replacement filter. lolz

Also got a Trek 1400 road bike, some rollers, and some other shit, gunna try and get Lance Armstrong'd out. Might buy some golf clubs, get a subscription to a couple political/current affairs magazines, paint my wheels silver, and try to get in that country club crowd. Talk about what wine to pair with my organic free range grass fed beef, ways to evade taxes with offshore accounts, and other rich people shit.

And the 2 money pits hanging out.
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Re: So ya..

They are getting cheap, you can pick em up for around 6k in decent shape without too many miles.

IS300s are getting cheap too.

For some reason I really want an IS300 with a VVTi 1JZ and working e-shift.

Also 2JZ-GTE VVTi motors go into my body style GS real easy..and arent too much coin.. fml
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