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Not like this site gets any visitors anymore or anything but with forums on the outs and phpbb a very dated software I been looking at other options.

Discorse was one but its no longer a free open-source project and its quite expensive. The other option I looked into was NodeBB. It's a more current BB software built on the Node.js and it would be a nice refresh.

It would probably be a bit confusing at first but with some change, what isn't?
not like anyone will reply to this tread or care but I figured I would at least throw it out there while I dig around.

Check out the NodeBB here...
Obviously I would need to theme it but it has a responsive layout, meaning whatever device you view it on it will work. Its simple and clean and since its modern and frequently updated than the dated phpBB software the SEO is much better.

From digging around, porting everything from phpBB to NodeBB seems pretty straight forward and I wouldn't break the site if i knew it wasn't going to work. I will try a back end first before going public to make sure its stable and then launch it.

If anyone still visits the site I would love your input. I know insta and facebook killed pretty much everything but I still have a place in my heart for forums.
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