Re: HOW TO: Wire up the EK4 Navigation Unit - 56k NOT A CHANCE

xbox617 wrote:hey do u have the number to the honda dealer at Tokyo that u order the ek4 navigation unit or do u still have another to sell complete
I bought the navigation from a private seller. The dealer in Japan actually dropped the ball on getting me the CD and manual. However luckily for me I have a awesome supplier here in the states who does nothing but import parts from Japan. His business partner lives in japan so all he does is drop a phone call and I get whatever I want.

So if you need anything drop me a PM and we can talk about what you need, payment and have your stuff sent to your doorstep.
SingleCamEJ8 wrote:wow...this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
This will be updated asap with even more detail but I am in the process of moving so everything is on hold atm.
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HOW TO: EK4 / EK9 Full JDM Navigation Installation
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