Gran Turismo 6.

Anyone pick up Gran Turismo 6 yet?
I picked up the GameStop 15th Anniversary Edition today.

Came with 25 exclusive 25th anniversary cars, paint chips, driver gear & pan avatars.
I really love the new menu layout. A lot different but easier to navigate. :thumbup:
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Re: Gran Turismo 6.

Been playing this non stop. My ps4 has been sitting collecting dust. Something about GT games i just can't get enough of. The actual gameplay is incredible mixed with a dope soundtrack and killer graphics.

GF has an Xbox One and i picked up forza 5. I just can't get into it. After being balls deep in truism, forza to me just seems so clunky. I think one of the major setbacks is i HATE steering on a joystick.

anyways, yeah GT6 is incredible.
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