Re: NDFsean's EM1 restoration build

Selling the T3 and going with a T25, just need a few more parts to finish. Also, cutting rear bumper and making diffuser as well as front splitter. Spherical front end will be ordered soon from Weksos as well. Probably a combination of Wicked and F7 parts.

Umm, got a new duracon Tomei shift knob which I like haha. ALso waiting on my checkered sports hub. I also put strobes in my headlights for those late night kanjo runs

Re: NDFsean's EM1 restoration build

Sean @ NDF wrote:also I put a subwoofer in my car behind the passenger seat lol I've never had an aftermarket stereo so I figured I'd get it out of my system before next track day/mountain run

haha.....i did the same thing for eibach....had it laying around for years and years.....finally wired it up and was over it by the time i got back to Visalia.


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